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Phoenix Has History with Water Damage Homes

The massive floods that happened in 2018 in Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs brought a lot of problems and a huge mess for many families.  The unusual longer than normal monsoon season basically never gave the city a break.  Phoenix Enviro Clean's water damage clean up team was on call pretty much never taking a day off to attend to all of the emergency disasters.  The monsoon season is officially slated from June 15 through September 30th.  However, hurricane Rosa made her appearance very well known coming from the Baja California area up through Arizona.  The hurricane flooded Scottsdale's Indian Bend wash and caused major damage to golf courses and the beautiful properties along the courses.  Needless to say, our professional teams were out and about conducting major water damage clean up and water restoration assistance.  With literally thousands of emergency calls, we had to work around the clock in order to keep up with all of the water damage clean up projects.

Water Damage Clean-up is a Big Process

In the delicate process of water damage clean up, the first key factor that needs to be addressed is to cut off or discontinue the source of water.  In a flooding situation caused by mother nature, the tables are turned and the first line of business is to barricade the property from additional water entering the property.  This leads to many challenges from our water damage remediation teams and we then work as quickly as possible to protect all of the properties to the best of our abilities.

Just like a storm blows in, eventually, it will let up and move on to other geographical areas within its path.  Once the storm dissipates and the water flow slows down, we are now able to access the water damaged property.  Our water damage clean up teams are highly trained to handle these emergency situations.  We have strong relationships with all of the local utility companies as it will be most likely that we have to cut power or gas to move forward with a water damage clean up job.  We have to be absolutely positive that there are no sources of power or gas that could cause further damage to both the property or any individuals nearby.  Obviously, power is the most important to be terminated as that could cause serious electrical shock or even death.  Gas is another utility we get concerned with as we do not want to spark any type of fire on a dryer part of the property.

Our water damage clean up services are not just limited to residential or smaller properties.  We are equipped with the manpower to handle larger water damaged properties as well.  One of the largest water damage clean up jobs that we conducted over the summer monsoons was at a larger retail grocery store.  The challenges are much larger in these types of jobs but our water damage remediation teams are majorly prepared.

Water Removal & Water Extraction are Key

Once a property or commercial space has discontinued the source of water and has been given the okay to access, our team steps in to go to work.  Using our large supply of industry standard pumps and water removal systems, we are fast to remove all water from the affected areas.  The next step is to remove any carpet, wood or tile flooring that was damaged in the flood.  We also cut out the drywall on the walls that had any resting water next to them.  The rule of thumb on cutting out drywall is to measure approximately one foot above the water line as the porous substance can absorb the water.  In the water damage clean up process, it is most important to not leave any materials behind that have any water on or in them.  Stagnate water or moist items left behind make a perfect breeding ground for mold and that is a whole new issue on its own.

Drying After Water Damage

Now it's time for the dry out process.  Obviously, this can take some time and it is necessary that the property or commercial building is completely dry before starting the water remediation process.  Extra large industrial fans are placed throughout the wet areas and run until all areas are dry.  During this time, our professional staff is continuously monitoring the property to make sure that fans are moved and re-positioned to accommodate the entire area.  Another reason we monitor the drying process is to make sure that there are no electrical or generator issues that could cause further damage to the property.

During the drying phase, we are quick to recover certain items within the property that can be restored or saved.  Items such as larger appliances and items that didn't make contact with the water but are in the water damaged property are quickly removed.  The other items that are also simply damaged beyond repair are also removed and carefully documented and itemized for water damage clean up insurance claims.  Since we have years of experience in hazardous situations, we have been fortunate to make strong relationships with both local and national insurance agencies alike.  Our billing team has knowledge and experience to assist you with the necessary paperwork that can seem quite overwhelming in the water damage clean up the process.

At Phoenix Enviro-Clean, we pride ourselves in having the highest qualified water damage clean up teams.  We are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week to handle all aspects of emergency water damage repairs.  Our business is owner operated and conducting business in the Phoenix area for over 20 years.  With our entire staff, we have over 50 years of dedicated service in the hazardous damage fields.  Not only are we the experts in water damage clean up, but we specialize in other services as well.  They are asbestos testing, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, lead-based paint removal, hazardous waste removal, and even fire damage clean up.  We are your one stop shop here in Phoenix and surrounding communities for all of your emergency hazard issues.  Whether you are in Chandler, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert or Tempe, we have the professionals to handle your needs.  Give us a call today so that we can dispatch our experienced team to your next job.

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