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Water damage or a flood on your property or at your business is already a traumatic situation to be in.  If you attempt to clean up the mess on your own you could be missing some areas where water seeped into that you can't see with your naked eye.  By not hiring a professional water damage clean up team, you could very well be creating an environment that encourages the growth of mold.  Most individuals are not aware of what mold actually is and it's sometimes not actually visible.  Sometimes, mold will simply have a distinctive odor similar to mildew when it is present.  This is a recipe for disaster and can lead to a serious mold remediation and mold removal operation.

As harmful mold is to us, it is an actually normal process of decaying and dead outdoor organic items.  When components such as trees, flowers, fallen branches and leaves are left out in the environment they start the process of deterioration.  This is the process that happens to create mold.  Being that any mold infestation is serious to our health, a professional mold remediation clean up team must be assigned to the problem.  Phoenix Enviro Clean is just that, your professionals when it comes to mold removal and mold clean up.

Water is not always out in the open to be cleaned up.  It can seep into cracks and crevices where it can provide the perfect feeding grounds to create a deadly mold bacteria.  Both moisture and another form of food source are necessary for the continued growth of mold along with specific temperatures.  Mold spores are the most dangerous type of bacteria.  In this specific stage, mold is merely impossible to spot while cleaning up a water damaged area.  If it is accidentally disrupted and sent airborne, it is extremely dangerous and or deadly if it is to be inhaled.  This is why it is important that you hire our professional teams to ensure a safe and effective mold remediation job.

black mold remediation & cleanup PhoenixMold is grown in specific areas that are more conducive to the fungi.  Mold prefers a warmer, humid and damp condition for it to continue growing.  The entire state of Arizona has dealt with hellacious monsoon storms recently and we have seen a huge breakout of serious black mold.  The storms have produced a perfect breeding ground for several types of serious and deadly mold.  Our mold remediation teams are continuously being called out to properties that have suffered water damage several months ago and the owners are just now finding the mold.  Not only is mold in damp and humid conditions, it is a strong fungi that can withstand major dry conditions as well.  These conditions are uncharacteristic for mold and don't support the continued growth of mold.  The spore phase of mold is the strongest and will always survive.  This alone is an important reason to get our professional mold remediation team from Phoenix Enviro Clean out to inspect your possible mold.

If a serious contamination of mold goes without being treated for long periods of time it can cause serious illnesses and even diseases.  Symptoms of mold contamination are eye irritation, cough and congestion, runny nose, tightening of chest, shortness of breath, itching and irritation of skin and sore throat.  These are just a few of the well known symptoms due to extended exposure to mold.  The youngest individuals will be the ones that struggle the most with mold exposure.  They can suffer from all of the major symptoms and even possible asthma attacks.  Respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis can occur as well.  These are major reasons that you need our professional mold remediation services.  We are the experts when it comes to the removal of any and all mold issues.

black mold remediationIt is a known fact that mold can be a serious danger to both young and older individuals.  This is why the mold remediation process must be done in a safe thorough process.  Special steps must be taken to make sure that the area is sealed off and not able to expose any other areas or individuals to the fungi.  The mold removal team must also take serious precautions not to expose themselves to any of the mold spores.  We always utilize special industry standard breathing equipment to make sure our staff is safe and not further spreading mold to any other areas or individuals.  The safety of the mold removal process is 100% our priority.

The specific process that is taken during mold removal must be carefully planned and prepared for.  This includes several different procedures along the way.  First and foremost is to identify the contaminated area.  Next the team will totally seclude the area so that it will become a total air tight environment.  This process is done so that any spores or mold fungi cannot escape and lead to other potential contamination.  After identifying and blocking off the infected area, it is now time to look for mold even further than what has been found.  Since mold grows in darker spaces, demolition to walls around the contaminated area will need to be done.  This is done to make sure that the mold has not spread to other areas through the wall space.  If it is found that the mold has spread through the walls, the entire mold secluded area will expand accordingly.  Mold remediation is a methodical process and can continue to become a much larger space that is effected before taking control of the fungi.

Not only will you find mold in wall spaces but there are several other areas that the dangerous fungi loves to grow in.  These areas include behind drywall, under wallpaper, under floor tiles and carpeting and even in and around leaky pipes.  Our professional mold remediation team has even been called out to water damage clean up projects where mold was not obvious to the naked eye.  Once our mold remediation team investigated further, they found many sources of dangerous mold throughout the damaged area.  Thankfully, they were quick to identify and take control of the dangerous environment that the mold had made.

All of our hazardous removal teams here at Phoenix Enviro Clean are highly trained and educated on all types of hazardous materials.  We specialize in asbestos testing, asbestos abatement, water damage clean up, mold removal, hazardous waste removal and even fire damage clean up.  We fill that it is important to cover all of these specific hazardous issues as one problem typically will lead our teams right into another dangerous situation.  Give us a call today so we can get our professionals on your team.


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