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Do you really know if you and your family are living in direct exposure to lead based paint?  Many Americans are simply not aware and not educated on the possible exposures and dangers of lead based paint.  It's true that when you go to purchase a resale property in Phoenix that you are required by law to sign the lead based paint disclosure for any home that is built prior to 1978.  That's a great start to the solution of this potentially dangerous situation.  The problem is that the paper is almost always included in a massive stack of other documents that need to be signed as well.  Most home buyers don't pay much attention to any of the papers because they are all overwhelming.  This can lead to the home buyer discovering the lead based paint after closing of escrow.  They then become faced with the task of a costly lead based paint removal project.  Not only are the costs associated with the lead based paint abatement project high, but they will also have to vacate their property and find temporary housing while the process is being performed.

lead-based-paint-removal-phoenixIf you realize that you are living or working in a structure that was built prior to 1978, you might want to have the facility tested for lead based paint.  After many lawsuits and plenty of time in the courts, the federal government finally outlawed the use of lead based paint back in 1978.  If your property or building meets that time frame and you have tested positive for the dangerous substance it will be extremely important that you begin the lead based paint removal project.  This is really quite a long process and must be done in very specific stages.  Only highly trained and certified technicians should be hired to perform the task of the lead based paint removal.  Our team at Phoenix Enviro Clean are all trained and certified to do any size of lead based paint removal projects.  We have performed the task in both smaller residential properties all the way to larger industrial buildings.  We carry all the necessary permits and certificates to be officially authorized to not only extract the substance but to also remove and dispose of the lead based paint.

One of the biggest fears we run across on a constant basis is when a family or business realizes that they have been living and working around lead based paint.  Most of the time they didn't even know or understand the dangers that were surrounding them.  It's very saddening to see the effects that exposure to lead based paint can cause.  The youth are by far the most effected and prolonged exposure to lead based paint can cause issues with their ability to pay attention and even their IQ.  Children are the most likely to be exposed as they play outside where chips of the paint can come into contact with them.  They also don't frequently wash their hands and this can lead to them ingesting the substance as well.  They also can transfer the lead based paint on their clothing to indoor places where they eat and sleep.

Once the discovery of the dangerous paint is positive and the process of the lead based paint removal begins, it is important that the exposed individuals are treated appropriately.  There is a treatment for the harmful exposure and it is called Chelation Therapy.  This is an oral pill that is taken daily for a period of time that depends on the time and amount of exposure the individual has.  This pill has the ability once ingested to attach itself like a glue to the actual lead within the body.  Once it is attached, it now travels through the bodies natural elimination process and is removed through urination.  Thankfully, there is a cure but the long term effects of the exposure are still a possibility.  That is why it is so important to have an assessment done on your property and begin the lead based paint abatement project immediately.

So you have determined that your property was constructed prior to the 1978 date and you want to know exactly what to do next.  The first thing would be to contact Phoenix Enviro Clean to schedule your lead based paint assessment.  During this process, we highly recommend that the property be vacated until we can get the results of the lead based paint testing back from the laboratory.  The entire process that we do from here is extremely important and we follow governmental standards from start to finish.  The first step is to carefully quarantine any suspected areas of the property that are lead to believe that they are contaminated with the paint.  We then precisely collect scrapings and samples from all areas in around the possible effected areas so that we don't accidentally miss anything.  The lead based paint removal project is now ready to place the samples into the non-contaminated bags that are industry grade and send these materials off to a accredited laboratory for specific testing.  During the lead based paint abatement, our team is careful not to move or transfer any particles on site to any other areas outside of the contaminated surfaces.  Safety is first and foremost when it comes to our lead based removal team.  All possible steps are taken not only to ensure the safety of our team, but to other individuals and the environment as well.

When the testing is complete and found to be positive for the dangerous substance, our lead based paint removal team goes into action.  We now begin to utilize an industry well known substance called an encapsulant.  This encapsulant substance is applied to the surfaces of the paint with an adhesive type of liquid.  The product actually now adheres itself to the lead paint and once dried, we are now able to scrape off the paint thoroughly.  During the scraping period, our team is equipped with special HEPA vacuum's and breathing machines so they do not ingest any of the particles.  All of the areas are scraped, disposed of in non contaminated bags and sanded and wiped down with industrial grade cleaning products to ensure full removal of the lead based paint.

Phoenix Enviro Clean provides the highest level of lead based paint removal for the entire Phoenix and nearby cities.  We also provide other services such as asbestos testing, asbestos abatement, water damage clean up, mold removal, hazardous waste removal and even fire damage clean up.  Give us a call today to inquire about your hazardous areas that you need assessed.

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