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All sorts of scenarios can lead to the leak or spilling of dangerous hazardous waste materials.  Here in Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix Enviro Clean has all the solutions to combat any hazardous waste removal situations.  Just in the past decade, hundreds of hazardous emergency situations have occurred in the State of Arizona alone.  It is a fact that even a small hazardous material incident like automotive oil being poured into the sewage or a chemical plant dumping waste into a nearby waterway all have a major effect on our environment.  Even our highways and roadways can be dangerous and potential areas where hazardous waste or dangerous materials can be exposed.  Oil and gasoline are transferred on our roadways each and everyday.  Many of these large tankers have been in unfortunate accidents where their liquids were exposed to our environment.  We have performed hazardous waste removal on literally hundreds of these types of incidents.  Our team has worked side by side with emergency personnel both containing the spill and then the hazardous material clean up process as well.

It is simple to say that no one ever plans to be in an accident or cause one for that matter.  Accidents usually can be dealt with in a simple way but one in which there are substances that are dangerous to our environment require special care.  Oil, gasoline, paint and even ammonia are frequently transferred throughout our entire state making an extreme hazardous disaster possible at just about anytime.  Our environmental experts are quick to act and perform hazardous waste removal procedures to ensure there are no further exposures of dangerous substances.  Phoenix Enviro Clean is on call for disaster clean up just like our emergency crews here in Phoenix.  We are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week.  Thankfully, dangerous situations don't happen all the time but when they do, we are your go to team for hazardous waste removal.

Upon our arrival to an area that has been encountered by a possible hazardous contamination, we have only one goal.  First and foremost, safety for our crew and any other individuals that may be in the surrounding area are dealt with.  Securing the area, removing any persons that are either injured or have the possibility to be injured is crucial in an emergency situation.  It is only until all areas are secure and safe that we can begin the hazardous waste removal and clean up procedure.  We then work diligently to conduct a complete evaluation and quickly provide an estimate of both items that need to be done and their potential costs.  In these types of scenarios it is extremely important that we work as quickly and safely as possible.  Timing is of the essence in hazardous waste removal.  Sometimes we are only able to secure and block off an area that is suffering an environmental hazard and just simply wait for the situation to rectify itself.  An example of that would be where a large fuel tanker might have rolled over and started on fire.  All we can do is watch emergency crews shoot water on the fire and basically wait for it to burn out on its own.  Then our crews can step in to do the hazardous waste removal.  Each emergency incident is different every time and our professionally trained hazardous waste removal team are highly trained to know exactly how to react for any situation.

Because it is called "hazardous waste" - that's exactly what it is and it cannot just be simply gathered up and thrown into public trash.  The disposal of hazardous waste and dangerous chemicals has distinctive set of guidelines placed by both state and federal governments.  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) sets those strict guidelines for companies that provide hazardous waste removal services and Phoenix Enviro Clean are surely to abide by them.  Basic oils, gasoline and paints have their specific ways to be disposed of, but there are even more harmful substances that need special attention.  The types of items that require extreme care upon disposal are those that can or possibly can contain radiation.  Our hazardous waste removal team hold all the necessary certifications and permits that are required by our government to remove and dispose of items that may contain radiation.  This is a highly acquired level of hazardous removal that most other environmental companies do not carry here in Phoenix.  Of course, as in any emergency circumstances, safety of all is always the most important factor.

From time to time, we get the call asking us what exactly is a hazardous waste.  This is because the general public really isn't educated in what constitutes a hazardous material.  You would be surprised to know that the majority of hazardous materials that are placed into our environmental system are done on a daily basis right in our own neighborhoods.  Yes, you heard correctly.  The general public are the most guilty of disposing hazardous waste materials into our water system and garbage land fills.  This is because they are throwing away items such as left over paint, oil from a home done oil change, solvents and just basic cleaning supplies.  These are all extremely toxic items and would require a small hazardous waste removal process.

Remember there are 4 questions you can ask yourself to determine if you need assistance with a dangerous hazardous material.  Can the item be explosive when mixed with other chemicals?  Is the liquid or waste flammable or can it ignite?  Is this an airborne substance that will harm others if leaked into the atmosphere?  And finally, can the substance cause corrosion, rust or decompose other elements?

If any of the above questions are answered with "yes"....you then know that it is time that you reach out to our hazardous waste removal and clean up team.  We are your source for every type of emergency circumstances that may occur.  We also have professional teams specializing in the following fields as well:

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