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The course of emotions that can take place from dealing with a fire are tremendously difficult all on their own.  Dealing with watching your personal valuable property go up in flames as you stand helplessly while fire fighters are blazing the battle is devistating.  Once the emergency crews have completed their jobs and the fire is totally put out, it is now the tedious job of cleaning the mess up.  In most cases it is recommended that you hire a professional fire damage clean up crew to handle all of the possible dangerous substances that can be found after a fire takes place.  You probably don't realize that the smokey smell and ashes can be extremely dangerous to an individual to inhale.  Smoke and ashes are the result of wood and other organic materials being burnt in the fire.  This can produce a complex mixture of gases and other fine particles that may be naked to the eye and dagerous for inhalation.  The excess exposure to ash and soot can cause serious issues for people that suffer from asthma attacks as well.  Phoenix Enviro Clean can offer their fire damage clean up services so that you are protected from any unforseen dangerous substance that you could be exposed to.  We are the professionals when it comes to fire damage clean up and you can count on our professionally trained team to handle this horrific scenario with the utmost care.

fire damage cleanup fire damage restorationThere are several reasons to hire our professional fire damage clean up team and the main reason is that you cannot just throw items that have been burned in a fire into your local public garbage.  The Republic Services of Phoenix and other trash companies do not accept fire stricken items.  They have strict government guidelines of what can and what cannot be dumped into our local land fills.  And, if the disposal companies are caught dumping forbidden items even by mistake they can be assessed heavy fines.  Due to the dangerous chemicals that burnt items contain, we are careful to dispose of any destroyed items with our non-contamination clean up services.

Securing the property from further environmental damage such as a massive rain storm is most important at the start of a fire damage clean up job.  We utilize special secure tarps and even nailed up boarding in areas that are exposed due to the fire.  Not only are we protecting the fire damaged property from additional damage, but we are also securing it from possible vandalism.  It is a well known fact that vandals will try to enter a property where there has been a recent fire.  They are well aware that there are most likely valuables such as expensive appliances that are not totally damaged.  Thieves steal these types of items so that they can restore them or even just clean them up and place them up for sale for a profit.  By securing the fire damaged property, we also ensure that no other unauthorized individuals might access the property and suffer from injuries due to the fire.  This is why in every fire damage clean up project that Phoenix Enviro Clean performs, the security of the property is always first on our list.  We understand that this is a major emotional period for anyone that goes through a fire.  Protecting any of their private property that may be salvaged is extremely important to us in the fire damage clean up process.

It is not a secret that fire is most likely extinguished by water and other chemicals.  One popular chemical is sodium bicarbonate.  This chemical actually releases a sort of cloud of carbon dioxide that will smother the fire.  Fire cannot survive without oxygen and the sodium bicaronate gas drives away all oxygen.  Being that said, now you have several elements that are extremely dangerous left in the property after a fire.  From the fire fighters efforts you can acquire major water damage.  The leftover chemicals can leave a fine powder which is extremely dangerous if inhaled.  These are just 2 reasons that you will need to hire our fire damage clean up services.

Once the water and the other chemical remains are removed the first line of business is to conduct a thorough evaluation of the fire damaged property.  During the initial assessment we are quick to identify any belongings or items that can be effectively removed.  We focus on areas of the property that were not directly effected by the fire but may have suffered severe smoke damage.  We specialize in chemicals that can remove smoke damage on clothing and other fabric surfaces.  We are also identifying and documenting items that are totally destroyed.  Photos are taken for all insurance claims that are soon to come.  A carefully planned out step by step time line is now laid out as we move forward in the fire damage clean up process.

fire damage cleanup fire damage restorationOur staff understands that a fire is not a planned event.  You most likely didn't have time to shop around on the internet or call friends to get a recommended fire damage clean up service.  Therefore, we are always assisting our clients with the huge amount of documentation and filling out of forms there are in a fire damage situation.  We've spent decades working with all the major local and national insurance claim departments when it comes to fire damage clean up.  The Phoenix Enviro Clean business has worked hard through the years developing strong relationships with these insurance companies and are most likely a preferred vendor with them.  This will really assist you in the insurance claim process so that you can get your life back together in a timely and simple matter.  All of our teams are always working to make this process as simple as possible.

Phoenix Enviro Clean is proud to serve the Phoenix area and all of the surrounding cities with our fire damage clean up services.  We specialize in other emergency services as well.  They include asbestos testing, asbestos remediation, mold removal, water damage clean up, hazardous waste removal, and lead based paint removal.  Give us a call today so that we can schedule and assist you in all your hazardous emergency needs.

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