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Asbestos testing is a process that is performed when there is possibility that a structure could contain the deadly substance of asbestos.  Phoenix Enviro Clean is proud to announce that we are now conducting asbestos testing here in the entire Phoenix area and surrounding cities.  All of our asbestos testing is monitored by our government agency known as OSHA.  OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Association.  There is one other well known government agency which oversees the asbestos testing procedures and that is the Environmental Protection Agency aka EPA.

Properties that was constructed all the way into 1980 have the potential to contain the deadly substance.  It is most important to have everything from residential homes to commercial buildings tested for asbestos if the structure was built prior to that year.  There are many items that were manufactured back before 1980 that had asbestos fibers within them.  Many of these items were found in almost all construction projects back in that era.  Asbestos was known to be found in the siding material, compounds used in the drywall installation, insulation, floor tiles, roof tiles and flashing, ceiling tiles and adhesive on pipes.  Of course there are many other items and being aware that these were installed as long as up to 38 years ago, you can see the necessity of asbestos testing.

There are many specific procedures that take place during the asbestos testing procedure and they must be done in exact sequence.  Once a structure is suspected of containing asbestos, several different analysis are done.  This is performed to determine which kind of test will be conducted to see if there is asbestos within the property.  One of the most frequently used test to identify asbestos is the PCM test.  This is the Phase Contrast Microscopy test and generally used when asbestos is suspected to be airborne within the structure.  The test can actually measure tiny bits of fibers that are floating through the air, similar to when you see dust or lint floating through a ray of sun.  The small delicate fibers are carefully collected and sent off to an authorized laboratory for complete analysis.  The type of asbestos test to be performed is based on what materials are present in the property and where they are located.

Most of the general public assume that asbestos is going to be found in the insulation of older homes and buildings.  That is probably true but asbestos is not just limited to that product alone.  There are literally hundreds of areas that the deadly substance can be found.  Asbestos is actually alive and a material that continues to grow within the proper climate.

Even though asbestos was found throughout the entire United States it is more widely spread in the western states.  Here in Arizona, the Indian reservations owned many asbestos products and distributed them to both local and national businesses.  Mining in the profitable area of Gila County Salt River region had exposed many minors to the deadly toxin.  Arizona is actually ranked 16th in the United States for mesothelioma and asbestos deaths and from 1999-2013 total deaths were 812.  That alone is a major factor in conducting asbestos testing in our region.

Humans that are exposed to asbestos for long periods of time may not even be aware that there is the deadly substance among them.  Many major illnesses that are directly connected to the presence of asbestos can occur to humans that are exposed.  The illnesses are not to be taken lightly and can be extremely serious if not causing death.  Chest lining illnesses, mesothelioma and even lung cancer are just a few of the serious ailments due to heavy exposure.  This is why the airborne asbestos test (PCM) is the most common as the deadly fibers are most harmful once it is inhaled.

Most older structures, including both residential and commercial, have been mandated by the government to conduct asbestos testing within their facilities.  All of those test are conducted by accredited and authorized asbestos testing labs.  The Phoenix Enviro Clean asbestos testing team has gone through all the extensive testing and received all pertinent certificates in order to provide the most efficient testing available.  Our guarantee is to provide you with 100% efficient asbestos testing and excellent customer service.

The cost of conducting an asbestos test can get quite expensive.  Some of the reasons for the higher costs are because of the guidelines by which it needs to be extracted and also the screenings that it needs to go through.  The laboratories that test for the asbestos substance are highly monitored and must abide by governmental procedures.  They are constantly being inspected by government officials to ensure their asbestos testing procedures are accurate and efficient.  Smaller testing jobs can run as much as $3000 where larger facilities can look into the tens of thousands.  The Phoenix Enviro Clean company is prepared to conduct asbestos testing on any size of facility whether it is a small residential or large commercial job.  We are your go to team for any size of asbestos testing.

We never recommend that anyone try and attempt to remove asbestos products from their personal property.  However, it is totally legal that an individual may take that task on for their privately owned property.  Asbestos is so toxic and dangerous that we encourage you to only let us, the professionals, conduct first the test and then the entire removal process.  Do not place your family members at risk by attempting to remove asbestos on your own.  Remember, the tiny fibers are the most dangerous when inhaled and they are not able to be seen by the naked eye.  You may be putting others at risk without even knowing it by removing asbestos on your own.  If you are in the process of a major re-model project or refurbishing a property built prior to 1980, please don't hesitate to contact us for an asbestos test to ensure the safety of all.  Our team is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and always available for any emergency asbestos testing jobs.

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Asbestos Detection Asbestos Removal Phoenix
Asbestos Detection Asbestos Removal Phoenix