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Phoenix Enviro-Clean is a fully licensed contractor holding all the governmental certificates required for asbestos abatement.  We are proud to have been serving the Phoenix area and the following surrounding communities:

  • Scottsdale
  • Chandler
  • Mesa
  • Tempe
  • Tucson
  • Gilbert
  • Glendale
  • Fountain Hills
  • Paradise Valley

Professional Asbestos Removal Teams

All of our entire asbestos abatement team hold all the pertinent certificates required by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and strictly abide by their guidelines.  The staff is trained to perform asbestos removal on jobs of any size.  We can remove asbestos on small residential properties all the way to large industrial and commercial buildings.  Our team is always on call and ready for any emergency asbestos abatement jobs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  We guarantee to be on site and ready for duty within 4 hours of an emergency call.  Our team works with project managers and other on-site agencies to ensure the asbestos removal process is done accurately and secure.

Most individuals are unsure if there is asbestos present on the premises.  That is where we, the experts, come into play.  Phoenix Enviro Clean is highly qualified to make that determination if there is, in fact, asbestos on the property.  We will do a full and complete analysis and put together a timeline so that all parties will understand the entire procedure.  We will work tirelessly to complete the asbestos removal project from start to finish with complete care.

What is Asbestos? Why do I need Asbestos Removal if it is Found?

What exactly is asbestos and how do I know if I have come across a contaminated area?  This is a frequently asked question that we get from individuals and contractors on a remodel job as well.  Asbestos is a fine particle and can come in many shapes and sizes.  The 4 main colors associated with asbestos are blue, brown, green and white.  The color of the asbestos is due to the number of different minerals that are within the asbestos.  Most asbestos that we work with is actually a dust type of material and extremely dangerous once it is inhaled.  Different types of asbestos need to be handled in different ways so that is why it is very important that you hire our professional, knowledgeable asbestos removal team.  To put it in simple terms, if you are working with a property that was either built or refurbished prior to 1987, you could be putting yourself and others in harm's way due to possible asbestos exposure.  Even though the government banned the use of asbestos in building back in 1980, they allowed builders to use their existing inventory until it was gone.  According to OSHA authorities, no amount of exposure to the dangerous and deadly substance is safe and should be avoided at all cost.

Asbestos Detection Asbestos Removal Phoenix

Where Is Asbestos Removal Mostly Found?

The most common way that asbestos is identified or exposed is when an older property is being renovated and items become discovered during the process.  Remodeling an older home or even doing tenant improvements on a commercial building can cause the asbestos to become exposed.  If that situation is to transpire, it is mandated by OSHA that all areas of the project be quarantined until the asbestos can be thoroughly tested.  Testing for asbestos can take up to 2 days but rushing the test results are available for additional fees.  If a presence of the substance is found to be in the property, it is recommended that a professional, licensed company perform the entire asbestos removal assignment.  Phoenix Enviro-Clean is always prepared for the task no matter what the situation.

Other emergency situations that may occur can also expose asbestos without you even recognizing it.  Take for example; there is a major flood within your property and you contact a water damage clean up team to come and handle the problem.  During their clean up process, they need to remove drywall that has gotten saturated by the water damage.  When removing the drywall, they are exposed to potential insulation that could contain asbestos.  They might also remove ceiling tiles that could contain asbestos if there was roof water damage.  This is when a project would be halted and you would call in our asbestos removal team immediately.

The asbestos removal process is extremely tedious and methodical.  Several important steps are carefully taken to ensure the safety of both the asbestos removal team as well as any other individuals near the area.  The first and most important step is to contain the exposure and isolate any materials to any other areas of the property.  Our staff is equipped with all the latest supplies and breathing apparatus so that they do not inhale any of the deadly fibers.  Safety is by far the most important factor in our asbestos removal process.  We are not only careful not to further contaminate any other areas but also make sure that we conduct the removal of the asbestos in the proper matter.    We are fast to follow all of the government guidelines in the asbestos removal project and use all of the industry standard procedures to provide a safe experience.

Asbestos Removal to Prevent Illness or Death

Illnesses from long periods of asbestos exposure are extremely dangerous and even deadly.  The most dangerous ailments that occur are when individuals are exposed to asbestos that is in dust form or airborne.  Inhaling the tiny particles can cause issues with chest lining and ability to take full breaths.  More intense diseases are mesothelioma, asbestosis, and even lung cancer.  Our team is 100% trained to understand the effect of being exposed and also to identify if any individuals have been exposed during the asbestos removal project.  Our goal is to tackle the asbestos removal assignment both as quickly as possible and with the utmost safety.

When hiring the Phoenix Enviro Clean team, you are getting a total owner operated, hands-on establishment.  Our professional staff is monitoring all of our projects from start to finish.  Not only are we in the asbestos removal industry, but we handle other hazardous removal jobs as well.  The following are additional fields that we are experts in:

We are the leading hazardous business in Phoenix and are always available for you.  Give us a call anytime for our professional team to attend to your emergency needs.

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